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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  August 1, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a man shot his boss in a loop office building. we'll have the latest details and reaction, coming up in a *live report. a huge fire broke-out in little village overnight -- burning buildings and semi-trucks. and there has never before been a known case of ebola in the united states, but there will be soon. we'll have details. good morning. i'm dan ponce. erin is off this morning. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. tim mcgill has a check of our weather. >> starting of mild and pleasant. it's in this every morning this week. smooth sailing maybe a bit warmer this morning. in the clear to partly cloudy. it is 60 degrees in midway. it's cooler out in aurora. starting out in the mid-
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60s mainly clear. maybe a few sprinkles to the south and west. we won't see much until later this afternoon. even then it will be spotty. much of the day is dry. do have the chance of those showers and storms. many dry saturday but a few isolated showers and storms. the seven days forecast includes warmer weather will bring that in a bit. >> good to have some overnight run work were watching in bound kennedy expressly ends will be blocked off until 5:00 a.m.. the ongoing work of the bishop ford. heading south bound you can expect some closures as the do that overnight roadwork. that will be picked up around 5:00 a.m.. >>an enormous fire burned for over an hour in the little village neighborhood. this was at a pallet company, on the 25-hundred block of 25-th street. flames and smoke could be seen from miles away as fire burned
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three buildings, hundreds of pallets, and at least six semi trailers. no injuries have been reported. the city's water department we did have an issue with water. when the supply a large volume in large numbers, it diminishes the supply in the surrounding areas. we bring in large hoses apparatus to reach large water means to increase the water volume. >> the city's water department helped by increasing water pressure in the area. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a driver trying to evade lake bluff police.. ran the gate at great lakes naval station. navy security forces joined the pursuit at about 11 last night, firing four shots in an effort to disable the toyota camry. the chase ended when the car rammed two navy vehicles blocking a road. the driver was treated for injuries on the scene, then taken to a hospital. no word yet on charges. a c-e-o who was shot by a disgruntled employee at a
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company in the loop, is fighting for his life. steven lavoie is critical condition after he was shot in the head and stomach. it happened yesterday morning at the supply technology firm "arrow stream", on the 17th floor of the bank of america building. police say long-time employee tony de-frances scheduled a meeting with lavoie, to talk about being demoted last week. they say that's when de-frances pulled out a gun. >> during the confrontation he produced a firearm. the apparently a struggle and the ceo was struck twice and he is in grave condition. then the man took his own life. >>de-frances was demoted as arrow stream's chief technology officer last friday. it was one of many staffing changes the company made in an effort to downsize. about ten employees were in the office and heard the shooting. but, no one else was hurt. steven lavoie lives in southwest suburban la-grange, where residents gathered at a local church to pray for his recovery. judy is live at the hospital with more. >> his condition does remain critical. a spokesperson says doctors to not expect it to
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change anytime soon. his family has released a statement saying thank-you for the hospital staff and the chicago police. thursday evening family and friends of the family attended a official at the longtime church, the first presbyterian church. he was 54 years old and has a wife and three daughters. friends describe him as a devoted family man saying he and his wife are active in the community. he started this tech company in 2000. he and the gunmen were longtime colleagues and longtime friends. he had been with the company since merely the beginning. >> i can't believe it. you don't hear about that around here. it's terrible. >> it's a little spooky. a bit of the shark. how would you ever know? >> the man was despondent after
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learning of a demotion last friday as part of the downsizing. he leaves behind three children the suspect lived in the late county community. one neighbor praised him as a wonderful man, a wonderful husband and father. the victim's family says they queued to family and friends for the outpouring of love and support. our thoughts are with the extended family, all the employees and also with the other family affected by this tragedy. back to you. >>with the death toll in the israel-hamas war now at 14- hundred-50, there is a break in the fighting. the guns and rockets fell silent at 1-am, chicago time. they're scheduled to remain silent until monday morning. the cease-fire gives palestinian civilians in gaza a
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chance to buy food and emergency supplies, treat their injured, and bury their dead. previous cease-fires have all been broken. but this time, israeli and palestinian delegations will hold talks in cairo, aimed at *extending the current truce. a city in taiwan was rocked by a series of underground explosions. it happened in the southern city of kaohsiung. natural gas leaks set off a chain-reaction of explosions that left behind a trench six feet deep and several miles long... and killed at least 24 people. the sheer force of the blasts blew cars and people 40 to 50 feet in the air. fires broke out, but they've since been put out. several people are still missing. two americans who are infected with ebola in liberia, are returning to the united states. this jet departed atlanta for libera to pick up both patients yesterday. an isolation pod is set up inside to protect the crew from getting infected. doctor kent brantly and nancy writebol are currently in stable, but grave condition.
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at least one of them will be kept in isolation at a hospital at emory university, near the c-d-c. when they get here, it will be the first time that known ebola cases will be in the u-s. >> they need to be in the isolation and that that needs to be pristine, the way the air circulates to the way the people are allowed to enter. all that is unnecessary and quite effective. >>ebola is believed to have infected 13-hundred people in west africa since march. more than half of them died, including one american. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. 34-year-old sam walker was shot to death on the west side thursday morning, meeting the same fate his 13-year-old son had just six days earlier. the elder walker was found with multiple wounds near division and pulaski and died on the scene. last friday evening about four miles away at lexington and california, lil sam walker was killed in a drive by shooting that injured six others. police say both walkers were
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gang affiliated. a metra train hit and killed a woman riding a bike across the union pacific tracks in des plaines. it happened near the cumberland station at about 6 o'clock last night. the woman, believed to be in her 40's, was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are checking whether the crossing gates were working at the time. charges tonight, in the north side crash that killed a 71- year-old man, while he loaded groceries into his trunk. vladimir tsemekhman is charged with reckless homicide. police say he was speeding, and didn't stop at a light, yesterday morning at sheridan and balmoral. frank kiley was killed in the crash. five other people were hurt. an illinois appeals court ruled that commonwealth edison must reimburse about 35 thousand customers whose refrigerated food spoiled, during extended power outages in 2011. a big summer storm, and a big winter storm, left many people without electricity for four or five days. the court said the delays in restoring power were excessive, and com-ed must pay.
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final touches in place for the 10th annual music festival. for the annual music festival kicking-off today in grant park -- featuring almost 150 shows on eight stages in three days. the city expects 300-thousand visitors, so it's blocking access to buckingham fountain, as a public safety precaution. dean will be *live there all morning starting at 6. and marcus will be up later this hour... he's hanging-out with lolla's team of sign language interpreters. we also have much more up on the web, at *wgn t-v dot-com slash- deans list.* how is concert whether looking? >> it's looking good i have my tie dye shirts all ironed and ready to go. we're looking at temperatures all up in the '80s. most of the weekend should be dry. it is a bit warmer this morning compared to the last few mornings. upper '60's and '70's. it's a bit cooler in places like harvard. they were in the '50s
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yesterday. 59 degrees in the aurora. the skies are clear. patchy fog in some spots not causing too many problems. i think this will miss us and i think the best chance of a storm is between 2-6:00. they will be isolated or widely scattered. same whether tomorrow. warsaw on sunday. warming up into the '80s on tuesday. cooling down in the '70s on thursday. >> are going to go to traffic and a bit but let's do this first. coming up ... the route from mississippi to chicago, used to bring us blues music... today, it puts guns in the hands of gangbangers. *wgn investigates* follows the gun trail from mississippi to chicago. and -- a bizarre sighting on a west virginia road.... details, on what residents there are calling the weirdest day ever.
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ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. we showed you yesterday, the
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devastation caused by one gun, from one mississippi town. now, mark suppelsa takes us down the blues highway -- where chicago's ties to music have a new rival... that's also a pathway connection to guns. >> whether it's the president,
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or the blues brothers, most chicago residents think of someone else singing our anthem. robert johnson's name is rarely spoken. he wrote and recorded the song so long ago, 1936. that gives you an idea of hell back the tides go from chicago to the mississippi delta. legend has it johnson stopped at the crossroads of life and made a deal with the devil. some argue with a chicago crime what it is, those involved applying the same tune. so it took a road trip to johnson's crossroads in clarksdale mississippi right here at the historic site, who is 61 and 49 a pawn shop where more than 50 guns made their way north to chicago. in 20 06, police ended up in a gunfight. two men were killed and an officer injured. another gun
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taken off a disciple. three other guns and up in a street gang. the owner of the pawnshop did not want to talk about the guns from his shop ending up in the hands of gang bangers. but with our hidden cameras rolling, he defended his action and the state of mississippi. >> chicago has a problem. i hear it all the time. i would live in chicago this summer it paid $10 million a year. i would not live there. i would live there with all that. >> you know what they say? a lot of the crop comes from gun shops in mississippi. >> that is bold. >> from the heart of the delta blues blues during one five-year period, 301 of guns traced to the city of chicago. every
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weekend an appalling number of chicago residents are shocked. >> a new bunch of shots. >> followed by chicago police superintendent showing the number of guns seized off the streets. >> these are guns. they kill people. how do you get them? what do think that people come up and say i've got a gun to arrest me? that's not the way it works. >> none of that seems to matter at the crossroads. >> on star you have all those problems. the mississippi is not the problem. >> his right about one thing, it's not just mississippi. but he is forgetting the blues highway runs both ways. >>you can catch both of mark's reports on our website, *wgn t- v dot-com.* and check this out... a very interesting morning commute in west virginia.
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motorists got an eyeful when they spotted a woman in a purple nightgown walking a naked man on a leash. he was on all fours, with his ankles bound, and a leather hood on his head. police later found them at an apartment building... where the 53-year-old woman and her 56- year-old boyfriend admitted... their consensual sex game had gotten a little out of hand. no charges have been filed, but the district attorney is considering an indecent exposure citation. who are we to judge? whatever works for people. >> i hope he had some sunscreen on. or starting off with our morning temperatures in the low to mid 60's. 64 at o'hare. it's 68 at the way. 61 done in joliet. it is called a halt their this morning. a light breeze here and there. not enough of a priest to prevent the patchy fog. visibility is down to about 3 mi.. skies are
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clear. a shower is just popping up to the west but most of the area is fairly dry. i think we will stay dry for most of the morning until about midday. then the best timing for those showers is between 2-7:00. widely scattered. much of friday's dry and 81. more and more of the same. we can't rule out an isolated storm. a decent weekend in the war next week will have more in the 70 forecast. >> the main roads are looking good. lots of closures around grant park for the music festival starting today from jackson and congress all blocked off between michigan and lake shore. congress also has a closure between michigan and columbus. cta rerouting the bus routes because of disclosures that will also operate more frequent service on their trains. that is to help you get
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through to the concert. public transportation is always a good bet. >>coming up ... cooking a steak like you've never seen before. and -- a senior member of the bears defense might have lost a step or two, but he'll still be vital to team's success.. details, next in sports. >> with been talking about the music festival which kicks off today in grant park. was it like to be a sign language interpreter at a music festival? sometimes they are actually incorporated into the shows by the singer. we will get their stories and find out more coming up.
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the morning. everybody is talking about the offense and bears' camp we don't want to go to sleep on the defense. anchorage as usual by briggs. >> lance missed seven games last season with a small fracture in his shoulder. he showed up in camp at great shape true that a ready to go. >> i lost a few steps. now i am literally falling into a tackle if i'm lucky the tackle will fall and put my hand on him and get ready for it. that's where
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i'm at. >> trestman missed him finding his leg but it doesn't appear that he's lost a single thing. the bears need him to return to his pro bowl form. >> when he plays at full strength like he started last season we will be doing better all around. what he can do ripples through the entire community. and the offensive sign him of his athleticism and this experience. >> briggs and tillman are the senior bears each playing 12 years here in chicago. >> the white sox were winners on thursday the cubs also made a deadline deal with atlanta sending russell to the braves for the catching prospect. that's morning sports. >>when you think of grilling, you think charcoal or propane gas. but now there's a *new way to put the sizzle in that steak. a london food designer grills steaks on man-made lava. it's made by super-heating gravel. the lava gets up to 21 hundred
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degrees... perfect for searing the steaks. then, as it cools down, the meat is returned to the grill and cooked to suit the taste of the diner. of course, the griller has to wear a thick leather jacket... a visor... and giant oven mitts, to avoid getting burned. but that is pretty cool. it's a little warm in august where all that. >> speaking of warm, it's going to be warm today. 69 right now. in the clear to partly cloudy. warmer readings downtown. temperatures are well into the '60s. with temperatures in the upper 60s near 70 in all these locations. it is cooler near harvard. low 60s or upper 50s in kankakee. skies are clear. a few sprinkles to the south. i think most of the morning will try.
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maybe a scattered showers or thunderstorms this afternoon. 81 with more sunshine sunday. here's a look at your commute. >> the roadways are looking good. a few spots of overnight roadwork we have the expressway's on the kennedy which will be shut down until 5:00 a.m. for work. and south bound bishop ford announced in the island we have work happening there until 5:00 a.m.. >> still more to come including a breakdown of the latest crime numbers for chicago. and the man in the hospital after he shot by an employee. and lawmakers are delaying their vacation to deal with the crisis at the border. and dean has his reviews of the movies this weekend including the much anticipated guardians of the galax
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if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue. if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. a man shot his boss in the loop
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office building. will have reaction coming up. hours old cease-fire in the middle east appears to be holding. what's next and keeping the peace? and never before has there been a known cases of ebola in the u.s. until now. good morning, i'm dan
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ponce. erin is off this morning. let's go to tim mcgill for a check of the weather. hi, tim. >> milder and warmer for us today. it's 64 degrees right now. one isolated shower is popping up just west moving off the rest of the state dry and thin most of us will stay dry today. we can't rule out a scattered storm especially during the evening. but we will stay mainly dry this weekend. chance of showers and storms tomorrow. woman up early next week >> so far so good it's looking good out there on the roads. the dan ryan is moving fine heading in bound around roosevelt continuing to the circle you are in good shape. north of the kennedy were blocked off until 5:00 a.m.. and tri-state heading south bound at 55 we have two right lanes out until 5:00 a.m.. >>a c-e-o who was shot by a
4:30 am
disgruntled employee at a company in the loop, is fighting for his life. steven lavoie is in critical condition after he was shot in the head and stomach. it happened yesterday morning at the supply technology firm "arrow stream", on the 17th floor of the bank of america building. police say long-time employee tony de-frances scheduled a meeting with lavoie, to talk about being demoted last week. they say that's when de-frances pulled out a gun. >> during that one on one he produced a firearm. there was apparently a struggle over the firearm the ceo was struck twice he is in grave condition and then the suspect took his own life. >>de-frances was demoted as arrow stream's chief technology officer last friday. it was one of many staffing changes the company made in an effort to downsize. about ten employees were in the office and heard the shooting. but, no one else was hurt. lavoie is recovering at northwestern memorial hospital, where judy wang is live with the latest. >> good morning. the victim was
4:31 am
shot in the head and stomach. they do not expect a change in his condition any time soon. to expect an update. in a statement the family says its prayers are with the other family affected by this tragedy. friends and neighbors attended a vigil thursday evening gathering at first presbyterian church. the families want and church. the 54 year-old victim has a wife and $3. friends describe him as a devoted family man. he and his wife are active in the community. and members of the area and historical society. he founded his attack company in 2000. he and the gunman and longtime colleagues and friends. >> i can't believe it. you don't hear about that around here. it's terrible. >> i'm very sorry for all
4:32 am
involved. they're great family and we love them were going to keep them in our prayers. >> the victim--the suspect had been with the company since merely the beginning. police say he was apparently despondent over his demotion. he leaves behind a wife and three children. the victim's family also says a thank-you to family and friends for a portion of love and support. thank you for the hospital staff and chicago police, the say their thoughts are also with members of the extended family, the employees of aram stream. >> the shooting raises security concerns for people who work in similar buildings. security guards were at the bank of america building when the shooting took place. people are only required to use a key card or just signed in. no metal detectors or screening for weapons. one expert said this.
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>> we recommend three things, get out of the building run or evacuate. can you hide? to the shelter in place? get in your office shut the lights off put something against the door and ultimately you have to fight. >> experts say securing office buildings like this is difficult because no matter what measures are put in place there are always employees with special access to get around. with the death toll in the israel-hamas war now at 15-hundred, there is a tenuous break in the fighting. the guns and rockets fell silent at 1-am, chicago time. but just two hours later, israeli tanks shelled part of the city of rafah, and killed four palestinians. the cease-fire in meant to give palestinian civilians in gaza a chance to buy food and emergency supplies, treat their injured, and bury their dead. previous cease-fires have all been broken. this time, israeli and palestinian delegations will hold talks in cairo, aimed at *extending the current truce. the ebola virus will be in the u-s for the first time, as two infected americans are being flown in for treatment. a jet equipped with an
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isolation chamber left for liberia yesterday. it'll be used to pick up aid workers nancy writebol and doctor kent brantly, who are both in stable but grave condition. they're expected to be treated at a hospital near the c-d-c headquarters in atlanta. 13-hundred people in west africa have been infected in what's being called the worst ebola outbreak ever. more than half have died. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. murders are down 7 percent and overall crime is down 14 percent for the first seven months of this year. that's according to police statistics comparing 2014 to last year through the month of july. the number of shooting incidents and non-fatal shooting victims are up. the murder rate is at its lowest since 1963. a large fire engulfed buildings and equipment at a pallet company in little village. the fire started last night on the 25-hundred block of 25-th street.
4:35 am
three buildings, hundreds of pallets, and some trucks were destroyed. it took about 250 firefighters to put out the fire. there were no injuries. a police chase ran through the front gate of the great lakes naval air station late last night. naval security officers fired shots at the toyota camry, which eventually ran into two navy vehicles blocking the road. the driver was injured in the crash and taken to a hospital. charges are pending. a 30-year-old man from schaumburg is charged with d-u- i swimming pool in barrington hills. bikramjit sian was pulled out of the water by the homeowner at about four a-m yesterday. he told first responders there were three others in the car, but no one else was found. the senate endorsed a 16- billion dollar overhaul of the veterans affairs department... and most importantly, a plan to make timely *healthcare more available to america's vets. the bill now goes to the president's desk. a separate bill to address the crisis at the mexican border, stalled in both the house and senate. house republicans called off a scheduled vote on a 660-million dollar border bill, because conservatives wanted a provision to stop president obama from unilaterally granting *amnesty
4:36 am
to illegal immigrants. a senate border bill failed, because it didn't include policy changes that would have made it easier to deport children who emigrated illegally to amerca. c-i-a director john brennan is apologizing for improper searches of computers used by senate intelligence committee staffers. those staffers were preparing an investigation into the c-i-a controversial post 9-11 interrogation and detention program. the c-i-a's internal watchdog found some agency employees inappropriately accessed senate computers. at least one committee member has called for brennan to resign. two people are coming forward to say they were abused by priests in the chicago area. the survivors network of those abused by priests, or snap, brought a man and a woman to the archdiocese yesterday. both say they were molested decades ago by priests, who are now dead. gail howard says she was victimized at ascension parish in oak park, when she was a young woman seeking counseling.
4:37 am
he brought me up to his personal quarters one day and attacked me. it was a very painful experience. >>a man who wanted to remain anonymous, says he was abused repeatedly at loyola academy. the archdiocese paid him 750- thousand dollars in compensation. the archdiocese says no further action can be taken because the priests are dead. a music director says he lost she his job at a church because he's marrying another man. colin collette worked for holy family catholic church, in northwest suburban inverness, for 17 years. he says church leaders knew he was gay. but when he announced his engagement on facebook, collette says he was asked to resign. he refused, so the church let him go. church officials are not commenting. but the chicago archdiocese released a statement saying that those who serve in the church are expected to conform to its teachings. there are new revelations about governor quinn's controversial
4:38 am
anti-violence program in 2010. a west side firm, "chicago community ventures," was hired to make government loans to small businesses as part of the program. it didn't make a single loan... but it still was paid 150 thousand dollars. quinn's office says the company was merely reimbursed for legitimate administrative expenses. quinn's camp didn't explain how the company got its state contract, despite being previously cited for misspending state grant money. when a grandmother from idaho got a 150-dollar speeding ticket from a state trooper, she sent him a note. it's not what you think. she *thanked him. tana baumler was clocked at 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, while taking her grandkids to see "old faithful." she says trooper mike nielson couldn't have been more courteous. he even gave her grandkids special stickers and little sheriff's badges. she admits she was going too fast, and said she has no hard feelings. must be the only time in history that has ever happened. today we are mild. it's pleasant. temperatures are warmest
4:39 am
downtown. 59 degrees at the latin school. upper 60s at lincoln park and old st. mary's school. in the low 60s down here in light breeze upper 50s- low '60's in kankakee. skies are mainly clear. we have one shower starting to pop-up just northwest of joliet. other than that mainly clear appearance of pettifog this area of clouds and showers for the most part stayed to the south. next good chance for one this scattered showers and thunderstorms is around 2 or 3:00 p.m. that's where the r.p.m. models generate that it will subside tonight. a change in the pattern chance of isolated shower tomorrow and around two or 3:00. not so bad into the weekend it will be a washout you may need your umbrella for a brief period time believe a scattered showers
4:40 am
tonight. partly cloudy down 63 and a warm weekend below average has readied-81. a slight chance of showers on saturday cooler along the lake. partly to mostly sunny on sunday high of 81. >> still ahead, with the ravens of running back had to say about attacking his wife at a casino. and here with the former president said about his chance of killing of some of the moderosama bin laden. >> the what it's like to be a sign language interpreter and a music festival. marcus has that story coming up next.stocks taks
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the dow erases all of its gains for the year. the dow dropped 317 points. the nasdaq fell 93. and the s-and-p lost 39. southwest airlines' 25-year partnership with sea world is coming to an end. three southwest airliners are painted to look like the killer whale, shamu, as part of a marketing deal. that deal will be over when the current contract ends. both companies blame what they called "shifting priorities." earlier this year, activists urged southwest to end the relationship because of controversial practices at seaworld. southwest's three shamu planes will be repainted like the rest of the fleet. here are a few stories that are
4:44 am
trending online this morning ... president clinton was recorded saying that he passed on the chance to kill osama bin laden. he says he didn't do it because 300 innocent civilians would have died too. clinton was recorded saying that the day before the september 11-th attacks. a recording of that wasn't released until now. >> and nearly gotten him. i could have killed him but i was hesitant about killing innocent women and children. i would have been no better than him. so it did not do it. >> the report also said the initiation passed up the opportunity to charge been laid and because of possible collateral damage. >>the government of argentina says its debt default is the u- s's fault. president cristina fernandez announced the country couldn't make its loan payments for the second time in 13 years. u-s courts ruled that argentina owed full payment to bondholders who refused to agree to discounts during negotiations. argentina defaulted on 144
4:45 am
billion dollars in 2001. for the first time, baltimore ravens running back ray rice has publicly apologized to his wife for physically assaulting her in a casino elevator. rice was suspended for two games. he admitted to the assault at a press conference in may. at a second press conference yesterday, he said his actions were inexcusable, and insisted it was the first time he had ever hit his wife. that's right -- spongebob and company are leaving bikini bottom and headed straight for our world. they're even getting the 3-d treatment to take on their pirate enemy. the newest spongebob movie will be out sometime in 20-15. i think markets has his tickets already. >> i love sponge bob.
4:46 am
>> i was gonna say could watch with your kids but you probably enjoy it alone. return of mild. mid to upper 60s for the most part. about 67 of the lakefront. highs near 80-81. column conditions we have visibility pretty good. it's not causing any problems. showers are popping up to the south. there's one down near joliet. most of us will get through the morning drive. we can't rule out a widely scattered showers or storms special this afternoon. but was a dry for most of the day. only a slight chance of a shower and thunderstorms over the weekend. more wednesday or thursday next week. we will top out in the eighties before cooled down wednesday and thursday. >> we're seeing some heavy traffic approaching the circle heading inbound kennedy all because of a learned roadwork
4:47 am
between jackson and adams. left lane is blocked all scheduled to be picked up at the top of the hour. take a look at the maps we are dealing with a fire this morning in cicero at 30th and 54th. expect added delays through there. and a look at the o'hare expressway we had delays heading inbound. >> the music festival is finally here. >> ever body is up watching and short. people wakeup like 1:00 a.m. to this. i did every of these music festivals i was wondered what it's like to be the sign language interpreter whose right there on the side of the stage. so few days ago we went out there getting ready all week long and found that more. >> i am barbee parker. >> she's with lotus sign the
4:48 am
company this serves as a sign language interpreters for the deaf community at music festivals. they don't just translate lyrics. the capture the spirit of the music, pass it on to the deaf audience. >> one of the additional challenges is showing what the music sounds like. how the music is portrayed, what it looks like to somebody who can't hear. and the lyrics are difficult to analyze and to understand and to understand the subtext. we also have coaches and other people to influence how we signed so that it's completely fluent and it matches the music and the intent of the artist. >> all week hard work prepping for their set. like howdy assigned songs with rapid-fire lyrics? >> we have to do a lot of research we have to know what it means before we interpret
4:49 am
something like that. we also have to know how to condense the material in a way that we can take the intent and put it into science and get the signed in the same amount of time. we do a lot of work before hand. a lot of research. we get feedback before we, on account for our audience. >> every once in awhile an interpreter can become part of the show. >> we had one experience a few years ago with green day and he came over and interacted with the interpreter quite a bit and also engaged the deaf community and brought them into the show pull the interpreter up and manipulated the interpreter a bit during the show but at the time, in teaching the deaf audience and that was a cool experience because then the deaf audience became a part of that. >> despite earning kisses from
4:50 am
green day and ozzie osborn, the team want to make sure the focus is not on the interpreter and it remains on the deaf community. >> overall deaf people are just like everyone else. what the want to do is come to an event and feel connected and feel like they fit and along and that they want to be treated equally. in the last year there's been a lot of controversy about interpreters as celebrities. and about the attention that has been placed on the interpreter rather than the audience. what we recognize at all what ever want to recognize is not only is the interpreter there for the deaf audience and only because there is a tough audience so they can come have a great time like everybody else and also because the artist is there and the artist has a connection with the fans. we are there as a way to let those two
4:51 am
communities connect and rock out. >> if you want to learn more about them and just go to their web site they have videos up there from all the past shows and everything else. they also look for volunteers it's a little too late for this music festival but going into the next year and you can find more information on their website. >> coming up the interviews as guardians of the galaxy. will be right back. >> that is the mostthe call thee
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guardians of the galaxy taught at that here we are. a thief, to thugs, an assassin, and a maniac. but we won't stand by as
4:55 am
evil white out the galaxy. >>its marvels 'guardians of the galaxy'...a band of space mis- fits who start off trying to get the best price for a metal ball that everyone will do anything to possess...and wind up fighting the biggest intergalactic bad guys....protecting the innocent citizens of nearby planets. screen characters. its a great deans list b plus. get on up about james brown. dean says if there's ever a movie where a star makes it look like work it's this one. is it a b plus. >> i give it a b minus overall for today. a decent day but we do have one shower or a thunderstorm popping up south and west. will zoom in on that and you can see it out here is moving to replace field a bit of thunder reported but otherwise we should be dry today. our highs will make the '80s. the could have been widely
4:56 am
scattered char or a thunderstorm. >> coming up, the latest on a deadly shooting at the loop office building. a live report.
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